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Sports Party

My son is obsessed with sports – all sports.  When he was asked what type of birthday theme he wanted for his 6th birthday he answered, “Sports, All Sports.”  And there the challenge began.  It was so difficult to bring this all together and make the theme simple and clean.  I finally decided that green would be my main color since that is Connor’s favorite color.  After purchasing 50 green foam fingers, I know wished I had bought red for the Arizona Wildcats.  Live and Learn!  The kids loved them anyhow and I am sure the parents appreciated the ride home with them hitting their siblings (oops).
My other main gift for the favors was pom poms for the girls (from Oriental Trading Co.) and water bottles with no imprint.  I got a great deal from a local advertising company, Minkus Advertising.  They really are the best!
I also had a bunch of various items for the kids to choose from so they could each bring home a swag bag like the movie stars do.  I think it was a hit but it was also a little chaotic so I had to enlist help from about 3 moms.  The kids lined up nicely and got to pick their items.  Luckily, each child got a foam finger and I had leftovers to give to the relatives.  Like I said, too bad I didn’t pick red. 
I will post the invitations here too.  I made a fake ticket for Connor’s Sports Zone.  Connor actually got annoyed when I kept saying Sports Zone because he didn’t know what that meant.  I told him it just sounded cool and we needed a name. 
I got a lot of inspiration from Shindig Parties to go.  I can’t take credit for this theme at all since she gave me all my ideas and she is very talented!  Amanda’s website is  and her shop can be found here:
I purchased my striped straws (not pictured) and polka dot balloons from The Sugar Diva.  The service was great and I will use them again for sure.

My husband made this after we got the idea from

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